Diego Gonzalez

Diego built a ball-and-stick physical model of an intercalation compound and simulated the same in Mathematica software.

Arlette Fernandez

Arlette studied the mechanics of battery materials upon repeated charging and learnt the importance of mitigating structural degradation in cathode materials.

Henoke Berhanu

Henoke wrote codes in mathematica to visualize the atomic structure of intercalation battery materials.

Benjamin Barboza

Ben simulated ferroelectric microstructures that improved the efficiency of an energy harvester.

Carl Kohnke

Carl designed microstructures in shape-memory-alloys to enhance their actuation strains.

Riah Ivy

Riah did an analytical study of structural deformations in battery materials.

Devesh Tiwari

Devesh Tiwari

Devesh is studying how light induces phase transformation in organo-metallic compounds causing them to bend, twist, or stretch.


Delin Zhang

Delin is conducting research on how battery microstructures can be crystallographically designed to mitigate volume changes and internal stresses.

Tao Zhang

Dr. Tao Zhang

Tao is investigating how battery materials fracture and how microstructural patterns form during charge/discharge cycles.

2022 Doping induced pre transformatio

Doping-Induced Pre-Transformation to Extend Solid-Solution Regimes in Li-Ion Batteries

We dope a phase-transforming V2O5 electrode to reduce structural distortions during charge/discharge processes.