Devesh at MROP 2023

Devesh shares his ongoing work on photomechanical deformation (with a wide smile) at MROP 2023!

Delin at MROP 2023

Delin shares his work on how to stop degradation in battery materials at MROP 2023. He smiles wide too!


We are excited to pursue our research on light-interactive materials that was recently awarded the AFOSR Young Investigator Research Program award.

Meta RFP

We are delighted to share that our work on soft magnetic materials, in collaboration with Dr. Cuervo’s group at UC Irvine, has been awarded the Meta RFP grant to further our research goals on electromagnetic actuators.

NECCES Listening to Batteries

Listening to Batteries

Did you know that batteries emit sound as they are charged and discharged?

D Zhang at TMS2022

Delin at TMS 2022

Delin presents his work on Film-strain engineering of intercalation electrodes at the TMS 2022 conference.

Group Photo TMS 2022

Our research group at TMS 2022 in Anaheim, California


Designing Magnets

USC Viterbi researchers find the key to a longstanding puzzle on how magnetic hysteresis can be dramatically reduced, paving the way for magnet usage in next-generation energy conversion and electronic devices.

Caltech logo

Caltech Seminar

Dr. Renuka Balakrishna presented our group’s research on soft magnets at Caltech’s Mechanical and Civil Engineering seminar series.

MRS Fall 2020

Delin at MRS 2020

Delin Zhang presents his work at the MRS Fall 2020 conference.